Testimonial Usage

[eem_testimonials] to display all testimonials. Default format is sections.

  • Sections is the default
  • Cols attribute creates testimonial cards supporting media break points. Example cols="1-2--3"
  • To enable carousel use carousel=true

Global shortcode parameters

  • numberposts default is -1 for all
  • classes revolving list of classes to format individual testimonials. Consistent with usage of eem theme section formatting
  • Attribute s_class passed to individual testimonial from classes, not intended for direct use
  • style style for applied to each testimonial

Section specific parameters

  • s_wrap if set, wraps each testimonial section in a division of this class. Typical usage s_wrap="container-fluid webpage-max-width"
  • t_wrap if set, wraps each testimonial inside its section in a division of this class.
  • Attribute section="false" eliminates section around the testimonial altogether

Card specific parameters

  • cols="1-2--3" specification declares card format and the number of columns at each media break point.
  • card={classes} for card classes
  • Cards use class="card-deck" to enable gutters and equal heights; not configurable

Carousel specific parameters

  • indicator-color="#555555"
  • heights=".carousel-item { height::700px-600px-500px-400px"
  • Timing speed="2000"

Individual testimonial parameters. Shows default.

  • Top above all or above the quote title-placement=>"{in-col (default) or top}"
  • row-class=""
  • title-class=text-center my-4"
  • info-col-class="col col-6 offset-3 col-sm-5 offset-sm-0 col-md-4 col-lg-3 author order-last order-sm-first text-center"
  • quote-col-class="col col-12 col-sm-7 col-md-8 col-lg-9"
  • svg-class="svg-2x d-inline-block"