2023 Holiday Menu
Starters - Sides - Sweets - Christmas Morning Goodies

Holiday Nibbles

Fresh Cranberry-jalapeno Cream cheese

“Butter Board Style”
Served w/baguette slices
Serves 10 as an appetizer - $48

Roasted Stuffed Dates

w/orange zest-goat cheese-rosemary-walnut-Pistachio filling
Serves 6-8 as an appetizer - $50

Sides for your Feast

(prepared in aluminum pans)

Pear and Yukon Potato Gratin (Vegetarian)

Serves 6 generously - $50

Butternut Squash Gratin (Vegetarian)

w/gruyere and fresh sage
Serves 6 generously - $50

Plant based Greek Pastichio w/lentils (Vegan) Blue Zone Project

(Greek Pasta Casserole w/lentils)
Serves 6 generously - $55

Gnocchi w/tomato-saffron sauce (vegetarian)

Serves 6-8 generously - $50

Shaved Brussle sprouts salad Blue Zone Project

w/grapes, walnuts, red wine-lemon vinaigrette
served with shaved parmesan
Serves 6 generously - $48

Fresh Focaccia Rounds;

$15. Ea serves 8-10
Farmhouse Focaccia w/Kalamata olives and rosemary

Christmas Morning is Done!!!!

(serve any of these with a side a fresh fruit and you are golden)

Christmas Morning Strata

Sausage-egg-cheese-croissant strata

Serves 6-8 - $50

Sourdough-Prosciutto-Goat cheese-Roasted red pepper strata

(Can be made w/o prosciutto if requested)
Serves 6-8 - $50

Everything veggie Strata w/cheese

Serves 6-8 - $50

Breakfast Breads/loaves

$15 each

  • Eggnog Quick bread w/eggnog glaze

  • Persimmon Spice w/dried fruit & walnuts

  • Pumpkin Spice

  • Chocolate Banana

  • Banana Banana (no nuts)

  • Citrus Season Bread w/citrus glaze

  • Cranberry Orange Walnut

  • Apple Cinnamon

Holiday pecan pie

Blue Zone ProjectBlue Zones Inspired

Pick up at the Ripe Choice Farm on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 24TH, from 12 noon-3pm
Place orders by phone 310.962.4597. Payment is required when ordering and appropriate tax will be charged when payment is processed.

The Ripe Choice Farm and Catering
2550 Soda Bay Road
Lakeport, CA 95453